Sunday, February 16, 2014

Introducing myself


This is little Ada S. Updhyaya. My mom created this blog site for me and she will be posting till I am big enough to post here myself. I came home on 3rd February at 9 PM from Lucknow, probably I was 3 months then. Although my paper work is still not done, most likely this is where I am going to be for the rest of my life. My mom, my dad, my grand mom, my grand dad, my uncles, aunts have been amazing towards me. They love me so much. When I was home, my weight was probably 4 Kgs. Now it is almost 5 Kgs in  merely 15 days! I visited a doctor (A pediatrician) on  8th Feb and my weight was 4.35 kgs and on 15th again I visited the same doctor and my weight is about 4.75 kgs. At this rate if I grow, I will become very big in few weeks.

My grand mom takes care of me while my  mom goes to work. They have been trying to hire a nanny, but they are not very reliable. One nanny came from a center ( On 11th Feb)  and next day she was sick, so she did not show up. On 13th my grand mom hired another nanny but she thought there was not enough work so she left. Till now my grand mom feeds me cleans me, bathes me and does almost everything. My mom also does take care of me during the weekends.

In my 2 weeks stay home, I have visited eco park at Rajarhaat and Horticultural society of Kolkata. I had great fun, but may be I was cold.

I am a great baby and I dont cry much except when I am uncomfortable, but the older people dont understand it and start feeding me. So far I enjoy oil message, hot tub bath, exercise, outdoor activity, sleeping. I get cranky during the afternoon hours when I ask for someone to lift me, otherwise I am fine. I have a new musical toy that my dad got for me. I like it a lot.... I will post more soon stay tuned.