Sunday, May 22, 2016

Me as a toddler...

Hi Friends, its been a while I posted in this blog. I am now a solid 2 years 7 months old toddler into full actions. I have now my strong likes and dislikes. Let me tell you what I like the most. To play, play and only play at home with my mom and dad (when he is home). Yes, you heard it right, I dont like playing with anyone else!! I like to go to the park, I like to swing, I like to do crayon, activities and I constantly chatter. My vocabulary is strong now. I can talk in two langages. When I realize people are not understanding my oriya, I switch to fluent Bengaly. I also understand some english, like yes, no, come, sit etc. and possibly some hindi too...

Among my dislikes, the foremost is to do potty, followed by getting a shampoo done, a bath and going to school. So far the friction with my mom has been on the above mentioned items. Otherwise, I am a good toddler. I dont break anything, I dont tear books ( I used to do that when I was much younger - not any more), I dont  throw things, bite, scratch or pull hair and the list is long. However, what I do is cry loudly when things are not my way. My mom is strong she does not yield to my cries, so I have to mellow down like a wise kid. After all it is my loss...

I prefer to eat in my hands many times - although to the horror of my mom that I will spill things. After food I keep the empty plates on the table. I remove my shoes after entering into the house. Most imporantly for the last one month, I am off the diaper. I dont wet bed any more and always tell before I need to go to bathroom.

I somehow dont like to do potty, so I hide it many times and my mom is frustrated about it. Hey I am still a toddler, so I have my likes and dislikes. I dont like to get shampoo done because I fear water will enter my eyes, so also taking bath - I am not sure why though. I used to love taking bath few months back, but suddenly something has changed. Probably I am linking it to unpleasant event such as going to school. Now there is a trade of. Every morning during the working days also I negotiate with my mom to take me to park if I take  a bath. I know my mom gets very tired and stressed out, but cant do it otherwise -  am still a toddler. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dress designing by my mom

Something is caught up with my mom. Ever since she bought her Singer 8280 sewing machine model, she just wants to stitch and I became a victim of her dress designing. SInce I cant tell yet whether a frock looks good or bad, but still have to wear, she makes me wear all her newest creations!!

She has started stiching my dresses for last 15 days and ever since she has made altogether 5 dresses and they are in order here...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Teacher complimented me yesterday :)

Hi, its me again. Yesterday something very good happened. While my mom was dropping me at the door of day care, I started crying (which I do when my mom drops me). Then my teacher comes in and says "Ada is one of the best babies in our day care". Then she corrects herself and says "Ada is the best baby in the day care". Although it may sound very trivial, I could see the pride and happiness in my mom's eyes. After all she is training me to be the way I am now. Well that is what she thinks but actually I am a very good baby when my parents are not around.

I do understand a lot of stuff. For example, now I say that "my mom will drop me at school and go". Also yesterday while coming home, my mom took a slightly different route and immediately I recognized that and asked her to take the right route :)

Among other things I did yesterday was I actually wrote an 'A' and said to my mom, look mom this is an 'A'. Well that is all from me for my updates till yesterday. Bye for now and take care! Happy new year to all...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

What I am upto now

I am now 2 years and 2 months (almost) old. So, you can say I am a big baby. I love to be called a big baby. I like it when my mom and dad say  "Are wah". So to get the appreciation, I take my empty food plates to the table and keep it there. It is a record that so far I have not broken any glass utensils although I handle them regularly (sic). My papa on the other hand has broken many glass plates and bowls :)
I now know the difference between big and small; near and far; here and there; I can almost speak everyhting (Although I dont understand all of them). Someties I understand many things that surprises my mom and dad. They think where I got that from. I have 2 best friends Eeshani and Moon, about whom I talk all the time. They are sometimes my motivation to go to the school.
I go to the park with my mom every weekend. We have coconut water, cream and buy milk and veggies. I love to play on the play park. Now we have discovered a small play area where I play my foot ball and chase crows. That place is dirty many times because people throw stuff there. My mom and I clean that place many times and I am happy about it. Now I am learning how to write. I am making small circles on the paper, that may look like fine art. My motor skills, vocabulary skills are on rise. I am in a happy space now. My mom got me a key board and we learn new music every day. Here is a video of mine chasing crow in the park.

Please come back again and read my blog.

Friday, November 6, 2015

I just turned two yay.....

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Ada, Happy Birthday to you.. Love this song when my mom and dad sing this for me on 1st November 2015. It was my second birthday and we celebrated it all by ourselves - since I am still too small.

Day began very well. I was bathed, wore a nice princess dress. Cut a nice cheese cake, blew candles, made wishes, songs were played for me photos were clicked and videos were taken. But that is not all. I had more surprises. My mom and dad planned a surprise trip for me - yes it was a trip to the science city. 

I was fascinated by the structures. The science city itself is inspired by the Universal Studio ( a mini version), where there are rides some shows. Some thing is complimentary and some others are paid. For instance the entry ticket is 40 rupees and it covers general items such as mazes, swings few things here and there. And there are paid rides such as a ride around the city (in a battery car), takes about 7 minutes to complete. And there is mono-rail, where you will need to pedal. There is a 3-D show on Egyptian Mummies and one adventurous theater, time machine etc. All of these can be purchased separately. Sadly half of the common equipment were either broken or non-functional. I had a great time there though.

The day ended in we heading for lunch to Ind-Thalia near lake park. While coming back home I did something new - my parents did not know I was capable of that. I asked them to hold my hands on two sides and I would just curl my legs up and swing. It was fun. Actually I was on a virtual swing the entire trip back home. It was a great day :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My first day out in a zoo....:)

I am very excited about my first day out in a zoo. We went to Aligarh zoo 2 days back. My parents thought I love my animal book so much, so I will enjoy watching them live. This time again I tricked them;) I love animals but don't like to see them inside cages where they are barely visible. It does not make a pretty sight.

I first saw a chimpanzee,  it was making gestures, I liked it. Thereafter I saw defers, snakes, turtles, various types of birds and then Emus. That's it after that I did not want to see any more animals. I knew my parents will include that in my bed time stories to scare me ;) after that I went berserk , started running around, giving them hard time to control me. For the first time I showed them that I can bite when not happy, but I am very careful. I don't bite very hard, just my little trick to get my way. In any case, it was a fun day. I enjoyed my day out.
Yesterday, my mom took me to Garia hat for the first time. I had a auto ride and then we walked through the crowded lanes. I had no ideas why so many things were hanging. I wanted to pull them all, but my mom said I should not take things that does not belong to me! Whatever that means but I wanted to go to each shop and eat all the bananas. We could not get taxi back home and auto line was long, so my mom lifted me and walked home. I enjoyed the ride. So went my weekend. Tomorrow will again be another day at school....

Monday, July 6, 2015

I am approaching terrible two - watch out :)

Again sorry folks, delayed a bit in writing. You see now that I am going to school, I am keeping myself as well as my parents and everyone else very busy. I have picked up quite a lot of vocabulary these days and can immitate people very well. Now I am a drama queen and I understand  many things that my parents actually have no idea about. When needed I run into this crying feat and roll over on the floor. My  parents give in most of the time. But I guess they are also catching up with my cleverness. Some of the internet guides are suggesting to ignore a crying baby and they are doing just that. I hate it .... My mum seems to be much stricter than dad, so I generally dont throw any anger tantrums when I am alone with her.

I can now easily speak 70-80 words and I am trying to speak sentences so that people understand me well. Now I learnt to say NO very loudly. Anything I dont like I say NO. Today I used it when my mum asked in the park if I wanted to go home. And to  that I said a big NO... I enjoy this phase of my life, when I am heard and understood.

I can run now very fast, I like to play, swing, dance, jump listen to music etc. My favorite pass time is to throw things around. Although I am going to school for the past one and half months, I still  like to hang around at home. In my home, no one says anything but at school, I get disciplined. As a result I eat my dabba and everything else packed for me. But at home, I generally throw a lot of tantrums. I love marie biscuits and muri. I can survive on both the items indefinitely.. I will post some pictures soon. Thanks for reading my blog.