Monday, July 14, 2014

I am growing bigger

I am growing bigger and bigger :) Now I can crawl to the nightmare of my parents!! I just go wherever I feel like and pull anything I see on my way. For me everything is a new object and as a little baby I am just curious that my parents and Anusuya Aunty does not understand. Sometimes I fake crying so attract attention, but let me tell you adults are not as smart as they should. They always fall prey to my trap and come running, while I just wanted to bully them ;)
Last sunday I stood on my own for a second or so without any support. I am now confident that I can start running very soon. Once I do that, just imagine ;) One of my favorite games now is to tear the news papers into very small fragments and taste them. I've not had a chance of tasting a shoe yet (my parents are hiding them constantly :( ) But very soon, I will find them anyway.
Just the other day I was pulling the dining table chair and  it fell right on me and my head was inside the  gap of the backrest. Luckily I was not injured, but it will happen soon. Now I am pulling all the drawers opening them and exploring. I also examine the contents and push the draw. Till now my fingers have not been trapped in  the junction, but who knows...
Hey wanted to tell you all that this sunday we have invited people over to our house for lunch to get me introduced so that everyone in the building knows me. Here is a look at my card.

What do you think of it ;) Anyway this is all from me for now, I will update more later...