Monday, December 29, 2014

My head tonsure ceremony

We are not very traditional people, but the custom says that we have to tonsure head when the baby turns one. I am already 13 months, so my parents decided to tonsure my head. My mom bought a hair cutter from the USA because my dad was afraid that I may get injured. So at home, they managed to tonsure my head. Actually I still have few millimeter hair. Which according to my mom is OK. Since the root of the hair is always going to buried inside the skin the exposed part can be cut out. The hair growth is actually not dependent on how clean shaven one is. So, going by that they did the job. I went to visit my fathers family deity. I saw many kittens doggies and I loved it. I did not cry at all during my  trip to village. I survived plain 4 hours with biscuit and milk..

Yesterday I did something for fun that left my  mom speechless. My mom does yoga in the morning and she tries to teach me. I pretend as though I did not understand anything but actually I do. Yesterday she said "Ada lets do headstand". Generally we do that in the study on a blanket but she was doing yoga in the bed room because it was cold. Then I stormed out of the room, which was unusual. I generally stay there and do a headstand with her help. But to her surprise I went to the study picked up the blanket we use for headstand and gave it to her. That left her speechless. She really thinks I am a smart baby, which I think I am... 

I am growing up...

It has been long since any posts are there on my site. My mom has been busy these days with papers, lab work and all other miscellaneous stuff :) Meanwhile I have grown into a toddler, already turned one in November 2013. Just on my first birthday I could walk more than I crawl. I am in a very happy space. I do now understand a lot :) No kidding. I understand few words such as monkey, crow, pigeon, dog, macaw etc. My mom got me some books from her last USA trip - actually it is Dewal aunty who bought the nicest books I have, so thanks a lot aunty. I love the hello kitty book. On my first birthday Chitti aunty has given 2 dresses that I wore, so thanks for that Chitti aunt as well. My moms students got me animal books, dresses and some toys that I can see from pictures and recognize.
I have several soft toys now, a macaw (moms students), a dog named bingo (Deeya di), a turtle (Biomed Central), a yellow soft toy (Lisu nani), a panda (from BGI), beautiful teddy (chiki bhai). I love playing with them. I also know their names...

My favorite time pass now is to run around the rooms. I sleep much less than I did earlier - much to the frustration of Anusuya aunty. I sometimes get up in the night because of several reasons but my mom and dad dont understand what I want. They try few things starting from food till I have to cry aloud. Then I calm down. I am sure I will grow out of it.

My parents arranged two more parties -  one at my dad's ancestral place and one at my mom's house. I received many gifts but my mom chose not to bring them. Remember my parents are trying to have a minimalist approach to life. They hope I will understand that some day. Now actually I dont care much about toys. I just like to hang around my mom and dad and do some blabbering that no one but I understand. Here are few videos from my last several months progress.

Monday, July 14, 2014

I am growing bigger

I am growing bigger and bigger :) Now I can crawl to the nightmare of my parents!! I just go wherever I feel like and pull anything I see on my way. For me everything is a new object and as a little baby I am just curious that my parents and Anusuya Aunty does not understand. Sometimes I fake crying so attract attention, but let me tell you adults are not as smart as they should. They always fall prey to my trap and come running, while I just wanted to bully them ;)
Last sunday I stood on my own for a second or so without any support. I am now confident that I can start running very soon. Once I do that, just imagine ;) One of my favorite games now is to tear the news papers into very small fragments and taste them. I've not had a chance of tasting a shoe yet (my parents are hiding them constantly :( ) But very soon, I will find them anyway.
Just the other day I was pulling the dining table chair and  it fell right on me and my head was inside the  gap of the backrest. Luckily I was not injured, but it will happen soon. Now I am pulling all the drawers opening them and exploring. I also examine the contents and push the draw. Till now my fingers have not been trapped in  the junction, but who knows...
Hey wanted to tell you all that this sunday we have invited people over to our house for lunch to get me introduced so that everyone in the building knows me. Here is a look at my card.

What do you think of it ;) Anyway this is all from me for now, I will update more later...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Today is a very memorable day!!!

Today I will blog instead of Ada (oh jeez whom I am kidding, I think you know who was writing on behalf of Ada :) . Today is a very important day for us because she is now official - yes Ada is officially our daughter. Indian system can be too complicated especially when you are not willing to pay bribe. So, we were not even too certain that the court will give a verdict without we paying anything to anyone. But finally we are so relieved that it happened...
Ever since Ada came home, some 4 months back, everyday has been so full of fun. Before she came to our lives, we were not too sure about how to accommodate her, since we both are workaholic. Now that she is home, we are not too sure how to accommodate ourselves without her. The table has completely been turned upside down and all our perceptions, fear, skepticism is converted into confidence. We cant be more sure than this - that we always wanted to have her in our lives!!
Watching you grow from a small 3 months old baby to a cute 7 month old has been incredible. Everyday something new happens with her - now she has learnt how to move her hand, respond to zumba and most importantly how she feels so secure when her papa holds her or when she look at me when she is hungry - are something that I cant describe. It feels like we are growing all over again with her. Now when we are feeding her, she will look at me demanding a story and I will make up some story. It feels great to be in-charge, and to be responsible. I come home in time, I plan my work so that I can wrap up by 6 PM. Pramod also makes sure he spends quality time with her. We behave more maturely because of her, we are now more responsible, more trust worthy, more hard working and more gentler. 
Ada - we love you soo... much sweet heart!!!!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Memorable day in my life...

Hi This is Ada again!! Sorry for posting after a long gap ( actually my mom does - I am just a six month old baby :). Today has been a memorable day for me! I tasted something new today and that is boiled moong dal and musambi juice. Initially, when my mom brought in some freshly squeezed musambi juice, she was not too sure whether I will like it, but lo and behold, withing 1 minute I drank the entire 80 ml juice. I am not sure if I liked it very much, but it tasted different. I am so fed up drinking milk(Lactogen 1) or Cerelac always. Then what was amazing was my mom thought to try with moong dal liquid with very little salt, that also I gulped. What was wrong with me I dont know, but I think my mom and dad have this idea to give me this everyday. I guess I have messed things up. I even saw them getting carrots, papayas for me. I am getting nervous.

Apart from that I am a happy baby. I have been trying to crawl a lot, but today I had the first break. I could life my body up in all fours. That  means I am not far away from crawling - hey I am just six months old ;-)

Today also my dad ordered some vaccines that was brought in by the manufacturer, so they are planning to take me to the doctor tomorrow. I am kind of scared.

By the way have you seen my youtube videos, my mom has uploaded several videos there. Here is the site, please check this out. Let me know how you like it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I sat today for the first time!!

Hi, this is me, the little Ada again! I thought I will share this piece of achievement with you. Today I sat all by myself!!! Of course I had to take help of my 2 hands and two legs in crossed position, but nevertheless, I did it! My mom, dad, Sapna aunty all are excited. I believe my mom has already posted a sitting picture of mine in FB. I am putting the same picture here.  My mom called up my grand mom, told her this big feat, and she transmitted across. It is crazy - now I am officially a sitting baby :)
Among other things now I am very curious about my legs. I am yet to find what roles they play, so I would like to know what they exactly are. In this pursuit, I am chasing my legs and feet very hard, trying to grab them and finally put them in the mouth. I have not been successful yet, but one day I will be I am sure.
When I was younger (About 3 months old), I used to get irritated when I was sleepy, then I will not know what to do and cry loudly (I think this is what adults think I do). Then everybody will be kind of stressed, trying to pacify me, but I dont stop crying. Why would I? Who does not like to be pacified, swung and being taken to places. But older people are no fun. They dont like it and try to stop me. My mom and dad seem to be smarter than I thought they are. One of these evenings, I was crying and making them take me around, but   suddenly they realized they dont want to do this. So, they left me in the room and allowed me to cry. I cried, looked around and cried, continued doing that. Then got thirsty and tired, but still they did not show up. Oh boy, that day onwards I decided not to cry. Now I just sleep whenever I feel sleepy. My nappy time has been a happy time for my parents. I am yet toinvent another way to trouble them, so that they will carry me around.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I am now eating semi solid food

Hi , this is Ada again! As I promised I am updating on myself again. Today is Holi and I have not played any colors :( May be next year when I am little bit bigger I will play holi. Day before yesterday I went to doctor uncle's office for vaccination, but vaccines prescribed by the doctor are still not available in any pharmacy. My parents are very worried about this. Doctor uncle asked them to find in 2 different hospitals, Vision care and Medica but in both the places the medicine is not available. If you know about the availability of Pentavac PFS and Rotarex, contact my parents please.

Anyway lets leave this aside and talk something nice. Doctor uncle saw me drooling and suggested I go on semi solid food. This is officially my 'anna prasanna'. My mum looked up in the web and saw that about six month old babies should eat cerelac but I am just 4 and half. Hmm, may be I am ahead  of my time :). I did not like cereal the first time, but after 2 days I started liking it. The same day (day before yesterday I was introduced to orange juice, it was a strange feeling then, but now I think I like it. The only problem is I keep rotating through out the night and keep kicking my mum and dad. They are scared that they may roll over me. That is naughty me :). I hope I will be stable soon and start behaving well.

Now a days I am not crying while sleeping, my mom dad trained me one day on that. Yesterday I slept very well without even making a noise. Am a good baby ?!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Love my home

I am in my home for the last 1 month and I love it a lot. I have an Ayah, her name is Sapna and she loves me a lot. She makes me laugh and she constantly talks with me. She started coming to work on 18th Feb till Feb 28th. Then she took 2 days off over the weekend and joined back on work on  3rd March. She says she misses me.

My grand parents left for Bhubaneswar on 1st March. My grand mom suddenly became emotional and started crying holding me. I was a bit confused but realised that this is the way older people show affection. She is probably going to miss me, so will I. She used to talk to me so much.

Meanwhile my dad also came back from Mumbai permanently on 28th to be with me. In the evening when I am cranky my dad holds me lovingly and puts me to sleep.
My grand dad, who never used to hold any baby, took me often and played with me, I miss him a lot too...

I am beginning to grow little by little. My doctor prescribed some vaccines which my parents are not finding and they are kind  of worried about it. But I am a strong baby. Nothing is going to happen to me. Now a days I have a proper sleeping pattern. I sleep through the night, but my mum wakes up every 3 hours and feeds me. I dont have to do anything just keep sleeping while drinking milk. I love my morning strolls through the house, and I like my moms little balcony garden. Over all life is good. I am trying to be a good baby. My mom keeps taking my pictures, but I am kind of camera shy, so I dont give good poses. This is one of the collages my mom created recently, I would like to share it with you. Bye for now folks, I will update you soon in a weeks time.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Introducing myself


This is little Ada S. Updhyaya. My mom created this blog site for me and she will be posting till I am big enough to post here myself. I came home on 3rd February at 9 PM from Lucknow, probably I was 3 months then. Although my paper work is still not done, most likely this is where I am going to be for the rest of my life. My mom, my dad, my grand mom, my grand dad, my uncles, aunts have been amazing towards me. They love me so much. When I was home, my weight was probably 4 Kgs. Now it is almost 5 Kgs in  merely 15 days! I visited a doctor (A pediatrician) on  8th Feb and my weight was 4.35 kgs and on 15th again I visited the same doctor and my weight is about 4.75 kgs. At this rate if I grow, I will become very big in few weeks.

My grand mom takes care of me while my  mom goes to work. They have been trying to hire a nanny, but they are not very reliable. One nanny came from a center ( On 11th Feb)  and next day she was sick, so she did not show up. On 13th my grand mom hired another nanny but she thought there was not enough work so she left. Till now my grand mom feeds me cleans me, bathes me and does almost everything. My mom also does take care of me during the weekends.

In my 2 weeks stay home, I have visited eco park at Rajarhaat and Horticultural society of Kolkata. I had great fun, but may be I was cold.

I am a great baby and I dont cry much except when I am uncomfortable, but the older people dont understand it and start feeding me. So far I enjoy oil message, hot tub bath, exercise, outdoor activity, sleeping. I get cranky during the afternoon hours when I ask for someone to lift me, otherwise I am fine. I have a new musical toy that my dad got for me. I like it a lot.... I will post more soon stay tuned.