Thursday, December 17, 2015

What I am upto now

I am now 2 years and 2 months (almost) old. So, you can say I am a big baby. I love to be called a big baby. I like it when my mom and dad say  "Are wah". So to get the appreciation, I take my empty food plates to the table and keep it there. It is a record that so far I have not broken any glass utensils although I handle them regularly (sic). My papa on the other hand has broken many glass plates and bowls :)
I now know the difference between big and small; near and far; here and there; I can almost speak everyhting (Although I dont understand all of them). Someties I understand many things that surprises my mom and dad. They think where I got that from. I have 2 best friends Eeshani and Moon, about whom I talk all the time. They are sometimes my motivation to go to the school.
I go to the park with my mom every weekend. We have coconut water, cream and buy milk and veggies. I love to play on the play park. Now we have discovered a small play area where I play my foot ball and chase crows. That place is dirty many times because people throw stuff there. My mom and I clean that place many times and I am happy about it. Now I am learning how to write. I am making small circles on the paper, that may look like fine art. My motor skills, vocabulary skills are on rise. I am in a happy space now. My mom got me a key board and we learn new music every day. Here is a video of mine chasing crow in the park.

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