Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Teacher complimented me yesterday :)

Hi, its me again. Yesterday something very good happened. While my mom was dropping me at the door of day care, I started crying (which I do when my mom drops me). Then my teacher comes in and says "Ada is one of the best babies in our day care". Then she corrects herself and says "Ada is the best baby in the day care". Although it may sound very trivial, I could see the pride and happiness in my mom's eyes. After all she is training me to be the way I am now. Well that is what she thinks but actually I am a very good baby when my parents are not around.

I do understand a lot of stuff. For example, now I say that "my mom will drop me at school and go". Also yesterday while coming home, my mom took a slightly different route and immediately I recognized that and asked her to take the right route :)

Among other things I did yesterday was I actually wrote an 'A' and said to my mom, look mom this is an 'A'. Well that is all from me for my updates till yesterday. Bye for now and take care! Happy new year to all...

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