Monday, May 26, 2014

Today is a very memorable day!!!

Today I will blog instead of Ada (oh jeez whom I am kidding, I think you know who was writing on behalf of Ada :) . Today is a very important day for us because she is now official - yes Ada is officially our daughter. Indian system can be too complicated especially when you are not willing to pay bribe. So, we were not even too certain that the court will give a verdict without we paying anything to anyone. But finally we are so relieved that it happened...
Ever since Ada came home, some 4 months back, everyday has been so full of fun. Before she came to our lives, we were not too sure about how to accommodate her, since we both are workaholic. Now that she is home, we are not too sure how to accommodate ourselves without her. The table has completely been turned upside down and all our perceptions, fear, skepticism is converted into confidence. We cant be more sure than this - that we always wanted to have her in our lives!!
Watching you grow from a small 3 months old baby to a cute 7 month old has been incredible. Everyday something new happens with her - now she has learnt how to move her hand, respond to zumba and most importantly how she feels so secure when her papa holds her or when she look at me when she is hungry - are something that I cant describe. It feels like we are growing all over again with her. Now when we are feeding her, she will look at me demanding a story and I will make up some story. It feels great to be in-charge, and to be responsible. I come home in time, I plan my work so that I can wrap up by 6 PM. Pramod also makes sure he spends quality time with her. We behave more maturely because of her, we are now more responsible, more trust worthy, more hard working and more gentler. 
Ada - we love you soo... much sweet heart!!!!!!

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