Sunday, May 4, 2014

Memorable day in my life...

Hi This is Ada again!! Sorry for posting after a long gap ( actually my mom does - I am just a six month old baby :). Today has been a memorable day for me! I tasted something new today and that is boiled moong dal and musambi juice. Initially, when my mom brought in some freshly squeezed musambi juice, she was not too sure whether I will like it, but lo and behold, withing 1 minute I drank the entire 80 ml juice. I am not sure if I liked it very much, but it tasted different. I am so fed up drinking milk(Lactogen 1) or Cerelac always. Then what was amazing was my mom thought to try with moong dal liquid with very little salt, that also I gulped. What was wrong with me I dont know, but I think my mom and dad have this idea to give me this everyday. I guess I have messed things up. I even saw them getting carrots, papayas for me. I am getting nervous.

Apart from that I am a happy baby. I have been trying to crawl a lot, but today I had the first break. I could life my body up in all fours. That  means I am not far away from crawling - hey I am just six months old ;-)

Today also my dad ordered some vaccines that was brought in by the manufacturer, so they are planning to take me to the doctor tomorrow. I am kind of scared.

By the way have you seen my youtube videos, my mom has uploaded several videos there. Here is the site, please check this out. Let me know how you like it.

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