Monday, December 29, 2014

I am growing up...

It has been long since any posts are there on my site. My mom has been busy these days with papers, lab work and all other miscellaneous stuff :) Meanwhile I have grown into a toddler, already turned one in November 2013. Just on my first birthday I could walk more than I crawl. I am in a very happy space. I do now understand a lot :) No kidding. I understand few words such as monkey, crow, pigeon, dog, macaw etc. My mom got me some books from her last USA trip - actually it is Dewal aunty who bought the nicest books I have, so thanks a lot aunty. I love the hello kitty book. On my first birthday Chitti aunty has given 2 dresses that I wore, so thanks for that Chitti aunt as well. My moms students got me animal books, dresses and some toys that I can see from pictures and recognize.
I have several soft toys now, a macaw (moms students), a dog named bingo (Deeya di), a turtle (Biomed Central), a yellow soft toy (Lisu nani), a panda (from BGI), beautiful teddy (chiki bhai). I love playing with them. I also know their names...

My favorite time pass now is to run around the rooms. I sleep much less than I did earlier - much to the frustration of Anusuya aunty. I sometimes get up in the night because of several reasons but my mom and dad dont understand what I want. They try few things starting from food till I have to cry aloud. Then I calm down. I am sure I will grow out of it.

My parents arranged two more parties -  one at my dad's ancestral place and one at my mom's house. I received many gifts but my mom chose not to bring them. Remember my parents are trying to have a minimalist approach to life. They hope I will understand that some day. Now actually I dont care much about toys. I just like to hang around my mom and dad and do some blabbering that no one but I understand. Here are few videos from my last several months progress.

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