Monday, December 29, 2014

My head tonsure ceremony

We are not very traditional people, but the custom says that we have to tonsure head when the baby turns one. I am already 13 months, so my parents decided to tonsure my head. My mom bought a hair cutter from the USA because my dad was afraid that I may get injured. So at home, they managed to tonsure my head. Actually I still have few millimeter hair. Which according to my mom is OK. Since the root of the hair is always going to buried inside the skin the exposed part can be cut out. The hair growth is actually not dependent on how clean shaven one is. So, going by that they did the job. I went to visit my fathers family deity. I saw many kittens doggies and I loved it. I did not cry at all during my  trip to village. I survived plain 4 hours with biscuit and milk..

Yesterday I did something for fun that left my  mom speechless. My mom does yoga in the morning and she tries to teach me. I pretend as though I did not understand anything but actually I do. Yesterday she said "Ada lets do headstand". Generally we do that in the study on a blanket but she was doing yoga in the bed room because it was cold. Then I stormed out of the room, which was unusual. I generally stay there and do a headstand with her help. But to her surprise I went to the study picked up the blanket we use for headstand and gave it to her. That left her speechless. She really thinks I am a smart baby, which I think I am... 

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