Sunday, March 16, 2014

I am now eating semi solid food

Hi , this is Ada again! As I promised I am updating on myself again. Today is Holi and I have not played any colors :( May be next year when I am little bit bigger I will play holi. Day before yesterday I went to doctor uncle's office for vaccination, but vaccines prescribed by the doctor are still not available in any pharmacy. My parents are very worried about this. Doctor uncle asked them to find in 2 different hospitals, Vision care and Medica but in both the places the medicine is not available. If you know about the availability of Pentavac PFS and Rotarex, contact my parents please.

Anyway lets leave this aside and talk something nice. Doctor uncle saw me drooling and suggested I go on semi solid food. This is officially my 'anna prasanna'. My mum looked up in the web and saw that about six month old babies should eat cerelac but I am just 4 and half. Hmm, may be I am ahead  of my time :). I did not like cereal the first time, but after 2 days I started liking it. The same day (day before yesterday I was introduced to orange juice, it was a strange feeling then, but now I think I like it. The only problem is I keep rotating through out the night and keep kicking my mum and dad. They are scared that they may roll over me. That is naughty me :). I hope I will be stable soon and start behaving well.

Now a days I am not crying while sleeping, my mom dad trained me one day on that. Yesterday I slept very well without even making a noise. Am a good baby ?!

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