Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Love my home

I am in my home for the last 1 month and I love it a lot. I have an Ayah, her name is Sapna and she loves me a lot. She makes me laugh and she constantly talks with me. She started coming to work on 18th Feb till Feb 28th. Then she took 2 days off over the weekend and joined back on work on  3rd March. She says she misses me.

My grand parents left for Bhubaneswar on 1st March. My grand mom suddenly became emotional and started crying holding me. I was a bit confused but realised that this is the way older people show affection. She is probably going to miss me, so will I. She used to talk to me so much.

Meanwhile my dad also came back from Mumbai permanently on 28th to be with me. In the evening when I am cranky my dad holds me lovingly and puts me to sleep.
My grand dad, who never used to hold any baby, took me often and played with me, I miss him a lot too...

I am beginning to grow little by little. My doctor prescribed some vaccines which my parents are not finding and they are kind  of worried about it. But I am a strong baby. Nothing is going to happen to me. Now a days I have a proper sleeping pattern. I sleep through the night, but my mum wakes up every 3 hours and feeds me. I dont have to do anything just keep sleeping while drinking milk. I love my morning strolls through the house, and I like my moms little balcony garden. Over all life is good. I am trying to be a good baby. My mom keeps taking my pictures, but I am kind of camera shy, so I dont give good poses. This is one of the collages my mom created recently, I would like to share it with you. Bye for now folks, I will update you soon in a weeks time.

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