Thursday, March 27, 2014

I sat today for the first time!!

Hi, this is me, the little Ada again! I thought I will share this piece of achievement with you. Today I sat all by myself!!! Of course I had to take help of my 2 hands and two legs in crossed position, but nevertheless, I did it! My mom, dad, Sapna aunty all are excited. I believe my mom has already posted a sitting picture of mine in FB. I am putting the same picture here.  My mom called up my grand mom, told her this big feat, and she transmitted across. It is crazy - now I am officially a sitting baby :)
Among other things now I am very curious about my legs. I am yet to find what roles they play, so I would like to know what they exactly are. In this pursuit, I am chasing my legs and feet very hard, trying to grab them and finally put them in the mouth. I have not been successful yet, but one day I will be I am sure.
When I was younger (About 3 months old), I used to get irritated when I was sleepy, then I will not know what to do and cry loudly (I think this is what adults think I do). Then everybody will be kind of stressed, trying to pacify me, but I dont stop crying. Why would I? Who does not like to be pacified, swung and being taken to places. But older people are no fun. They dont like it and try to stop me. My mom and dad seem to be smarter than I thought they are. One of these evenings, I was crying and making them take me around, but   suddenly they realized they dont want to do this. So, they left me in the room and allowed me to cry. I cried, looked around and cried, continued doing that. Then got thirsty and tired, but still they did not show up. Oh boy, that day onwards I decided not to cry. Now I just sleep whenever I feel sleepy. My nappy time has been a happy time for my parents. I am yet toinvent another way to trouble them, so that they will carry me around.

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