Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My First day at School-day care!!

Aplologies for not being able to post often - sorry my mum does not have blogspot access at work and I dont let her do anything when she is home ;). Now that you got the real reason why I am not blogging often, here is a piece I wanted to share with you. I have finally graduated from being a stay-at-home baby to a day care baby!! I have got admission to a nice school called Dolna that has a day care facility as well. They take care of babies really well, but are very particular about a number of things and that could be really taxing on my parents. They needed dozens of clothes always stocked, ironed and food to be packed in a certain type of box and to give a certain number of boxes of food. Anyways, since I am not doing any of that, I dont have to bother much about it.

Now comes the fun part. I went to school yeasterday for the first time. My mum and dad were really worried about me. They would worry that I will cry and will not stay, but none of that happened yesterday. I had good time. Ate about 50% of my food and dirtied about 10 pieces of clothes (not my headache though). However, today I was asleep when I was taken to school and cried a lot...

I will post more in coming days....

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