Monday, July 6, 2015

I am approaching terrible two - watch out :)

Again sorry folks, delayed a bit in writing. You see now that I am going to school, I am keeping myself as well as my parents and everyone else very busy. I have picked up quite a lot of vocabulary these days and can immitate people very well. Now I am a drama queen and I understand  many things that my parents actually have no idea about. When needed I run into this crying feat and roll over on the floor. My  parents give in most of the time. But I guess they are also catching up with my cleverness. Some of the internet guides are suggesting to ignore a crying baby and they are doing just that. I hate it .... My mum seems to be much stricter than dad, so I generally dont throw any anger tantrums when I am alone with her.

I can now easily speak 70-80 words and I am trying to speak sentences so that people understand me well. Now I learnt to say NO very loudly. Anything I dont like I say NO. Today I used it when my mum asked in the park if I wanted to go home. And to  that I said a big NO... I enjoy this phase of my life, when I am heard and understood.

I can run now very fast, I like to play, swing, dance, jump listen to music etc. My favorite pass time is to throw things around. Although I am going to school for the past one and half months, I still  like to hang around at home. In my home, no one says anything but at school, I get disciplined. As a result I eat my dabba and everything else packed for me. But at home, I generally throw a lot of tantrums. I love marie biscuits and muri. I can survive on both the items indefinitely.. I will post some pictures soon. Thanks for reading my blog.


  1. very nice blog, hope ada will continue writing once she becomes big Ada.. i should say its a very cute blog site !!!!