Sunday, September 27, 2015

My first day out in a zoo....:)

I am very excited about my first day out in a zoo. We went to Aligarh zoo 2 days back. My parents thought I love my animal book so much, so I will enjoy watching them live. This time again I tricked them;) I love animals but don't like to see them inside cages where they are barely visible. It does not make a pretty sight.

I first saw a chimpanzee,  it was making gestures, I liked it. Thereafter I saw defers, snakes, turtles, various types of birds and then Emus. That's it after that I did not want to see any more animals. I knew my parents will include that in my bed time stories to scare me ;) after that I went berserk , started running around, giving them hard time to control me. For the first time I showed them that I can bite when not happy, but I am very careful. I don't bite very hard, just my little trick to get my way. In any case, it was a fun day. I enjoyed my day out.
Yesterday, my mom took me to Garia hat for the first time. I had a auto ride and then we walked through the crowded lanes. I had no ideas why so many things were hanging. I wanted to pull them all, but my mom said I should not take things that does not belong to me! Whatever that means but I wanted to go to each shop and eat all the bananas. We could not get taxi back home and auto line was long, so my mom lifted me and walked home. I enjoyed the ride. So went my weekend. Tomorrow will again be another day at school....

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