Friday, November 6, 2015

I just turned two yay.....

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Ada, Happy Birthday to you.. Love this song when my mom and dad sing this for me on 1st November 2015. It was my second birthday and we celebrated it all by ourselves - since I am still too small.

Day began very well. I was bathed, wore a nice princess dress. Cut a nice cheese cake, blew candles, made wishes, songs were played for me photos were clicked and videos were taken. But that is not all. I had more surprises. My mom and dad planned a surprise trip for me - yes it was a trip to the science city. 

I was fascinated by the structures. The science city itself is inspired by the Universal Studio ( a mini version), where there are rides some shows. Some thing is complimentary and some others are paid. For instance the entry ticket is 40 rupees and it covers general items such as mazes, swings few things here and there. And there are paid rides such as a ride around the city (in a battery car), takes about 7 minutes to complete. And there is mono-rail, where you will need to pedal. There is a 3-D show on Egyptian Mummies and one adventurous theater, time machine etc. All of these can be purchased separately. Sadly half of the common equipment were either broken or non-functional. I had a great time there though.

The day ended in we heading for lunch to Ind-Thalia near lake park. While coming back home I did something new - my parents did not know I was capable of that. I asked them to hold my hands on two sides and I would just curl my legs up and swing. It was fun. Actually I was on a virtual swing the entire trip back home. It was a great day :)

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